We reached out to Falcon Flooring after a terrible experience we had just had with another company. The end result being that we had to rip everything up and start over for a second time (which also meant having to repurchase all brand new wood). When we called Falcon Flooring, John, one of the owners was very prompt to return our call and came immediately to our home to take a look at the job that had been previously done. We spent about an hour with John going over all the issues, the main one being that the subfloor was not prepared and treated properly before the previous job had been done and therefore was going to need lots of care and close attention as it was not levelled or properly screwed down. We were very clear (this being the second time we were paying to have the job done) that we wanted to make sure that things were structurally sound and everything levelled before the new hardwood was to be laid so should we have to replace some existing sub floor, take a look at the cross beams and/or have a conversation about other solutions, we absolutely would. He told us the job was no problem and would take about 4 days as there was a lot of work to be done and asked that we stay close in case something should come up that we need to discuss which we were more than happy to do. After the end of day one we received an update that the old floor had been ripped up, new flooring was being laid and that they would likely be done by the following day. Given that we were told 4 days, 2 days seemed next to impossible and made us feel as though things were being very rushed. We sent several messages asking how the sub floor was and if they had encountered any issues at all including if he thought any of the sub floor needed to be replaced to make it level, all to which he answered 'No' and assured us everything was great. The following day we continued to check in and at 5pm we were told the job was finished. When we pulled into the property and got out of the car we noticed our 6 year old starting to pick up what turned out to be over 2 dozen cigarette butts on the front lawn and as we approached the front door we saw a huge mess of saw dust, wood and more cigarette butts covering our front porch. As soon as we entered the house we noticed issues in the floor immediately all of which can be seen int the photos attached and we contacted Falcon to go over these concerns. The list included; loose and creaky boards, seams that we can fit a nail in between, areas where glue is very visible on and in between the boards, incorrect adhesive used on Engineered Hardwood (they used carpenter glue against all manufactures recommendations which were sent to installer), areas such as around the bannister that were not neatly and properly finished, completely unlevelled floors all throughout the kitchen and dining area, confirmed improper use of self levelling concrete, unclean and un vacuumed subfloor from photos sent by installer, broken brand new 12ft custom kitchen kick place (broken in half), and damaged items from our home including two broken mirrors and the carpet in the master bedroom. Before we started the job with Falcon Flooring we asked up front if they were the best and if this was a job they could handle knowing everything we had been through already and John replied without hesitation that they were. Unfortunately this was not the case and the experience has been an incredibly upsetting one as this was a very major expense being the second time we have had to pay for the job (and all new flooring) and we wanted it to be done properly and professionally with care and attention to the final result.

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