I had a pigeon control problem in the cubby hole above the awning on my deck. Joe was referred to me by another pest control company, who apparently just wanted to stiff me a $250 consult fee and not do the job, as apparently residential pigeon control was not their forte. Joe on the other hand showed up as scheduled for the consult, reviewed the situation with the pigeons nesting on my awning and proceeded to give me his suggestions on how best to deal with the situation. I liked his idea as well as his professionalism, so I signed a contract to have him come back and do the job in a couple of weeks. On the morning of the job, Joe showed up on time, brought with him the necessary tools and equipment to the do the job. He even allowed me to clean up the deck and awning with my power washer before he started. Whilst I was completing the washing, Joe was busy straightening out the mesh and spray painting it on my lawn so that the mesh would match the fascia. Realizing that he needed a step ladder he even went back to his home, which apparently wasn't far, and came back with a step ladder in order to facilitate the installation of both the mesh as well as bird spikes, which he had purchased for the job, in strategic areas on the sides and behind my awning. Well thought out. Before long the bird spikes were up and the mesh was put up shortly afterwards. He ingeniously secured the mesh with screws and large metal washers and asked for my input. Next, he trimmed the mesh to suit the width on the fascia and cubby hole with a wire cutter and we tested the awning several times to ensure that it would open and retract without catching on to the newly installed mesh. He even adjusted the awning! The job was well done, looks great and most importantly has kept the pigeons, thus far, from returning to roost on my awning!

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The pigeons here were so bad my client couldn't even use his deck anymore. We worked together and got creative and came up with a permanent solution which was aesthetically appealing and effective. The work took three hours and when finished we could sit back and actually see the pigeons trying to get back into the awning with no luck. Blocked out !!1