Work completed in March of 2019. The actual painters at this company are very nice and courteous. Unfortunately, this company’s quality of work is poor, they are extremely disorganized, they are not punctual and will try to over bill you. Their process is very backwards at this company and that is why their quality suffers. They did not properly prep the walls initially and instead chose to apply the first coat of paint. They do this because it is a way to save cost by cutting a corner. They should fix all the imperfections and sand the walls so you get a really nice and smooth paint job at the end. As a result of their poor process-on all three of the coats i had to spend hours marking off all the imperfections that should have been caught initial wall prep.. They were always late by 20 minutes to an hour and the owner, Karin would always complain that there was no parking downtown. This is unprofessional and is difficult to deal with when they are working on weekdays and you need to take time off for work to be there for them. I had our full time company tradesman (he has worked for us for ten years and does very high quality work) remove all the baseboard after the first coat very carefully so they could paint right down to the floor, as the new baseboard was shorter than the old baseboard. Karin complained that when he removed the baseboard that they had to do additional work to mud the walls and she “demanded” an additional $500 for this. This doesn’t make any sense, as it was almost perfect and whenever you remove baseboard there is prep work required to patch up areas to make the end result come out nice. They also only painted to the height of the original baseboard and had to correct this, as the new baseboard was shorter and they forgot about this and the new baseboard was shown to them and was on site to review. The worst part of the whole thing was that i was travelling for work during this time and not living at my condo during this work, as it was a major renovation, when i was back and after i had paid her I noticed HUNDREDS of paint drips on door handles, hinges and all over the floor. They had completed the first two coats before the new floor was put in, but the last coat was completed after the new flooring was put in. AND i paid her $200 to cover the floor so this wouldn’t happen! It has taken me about 10 hours to remove the paint drips from the LVT flooring in my 1300 square foot unit with a combination of a spoon, nail polish remover and goof off. And i am still finding new drips to clean everyday and it has been three months since the painting was compelled. Suffice to say that when we sent her numerous pictures of the drips she wouldn’t come back and take care of them, as she had already gotten paid. I highly suggest not to deal with this company.

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