Very frustrating experience. Poor communication. Unreliable. Pre-COVID - got a quote, paid a deposit ($600.. stupid in retrospect), COVID happened (understand the delay), called 2-3 months past COVID and inquired about getting job done and he said would come later that week (never came), I called multiple times. He eventually came and on second thought he said he wouldn't be able to do a good job (and one brick he bought was too big!). I said forget it and give me a refund. I was nice enough (stupid in retrospect) to allow him to deduct a "little" from the $600 deposit for a restocking fee? (unsure if this is even true) but he needed to provide proof. I have followed up 7 times? voicemail, e-mail, text message. Each time he says my money is coming "tomorrow". Finally got $250 instead of $600 and now of course nowhere to be seen. Very frustrating experience. I would recommend you go elsewhere and whatever you do, don't provide a deposit.

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Company Response

This is the situation 1 I did come and showed him the 2 coppings and faces for the porch then he wanted to take out the steel railing and glass and I told him that I don't do that kind of work so he wanted to cancel the contract and find some one else I said no problem then he is going to get money back but he has to pay for what I payed for all materials because the company does not take back the coppings and faces and mortar mix ( no refund ) and I can't used them for another job so yes I gave him back 250 plus I'm giving him back another 150 and that's far . Domenic BnZ interlocking and design