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Ali and his crew (crew = son A-Jay and friends) are bunch of jokers. Their work is below unsatisfactory in my mind, they’re very sloppy and without a doubt in my mind a bunch of AMATEURS!!! They built my deck and within a couple of years it has fallen apart. The concrete footings are should last 15 years, easily. You can tell on their website and on Facebook that a lot of the pictures are ripped off of the internet. They didn’t do half of the jobs they posted. Stay away from them. Should have known by the name, so tacky. I gave Ali the job at an agreed price. Once he started working on it he said he's not making any money on the job and needed more...pretty much suggesting work was going to come to halt because it's not worth his time. In the end I had to throw more money at him so he keeps moving along. They said that they were going to come fix it but never did. For 2 months all I heard was “I promise I’ll come fix it”...”before end of June”. Like the photos on their website suggesting that they are projects they’ve worked on, DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! Don’t know who is more "full of it" the father or the son. They make a living off over-promising. Like many amateurs they'll gain your trust by acting like you're friends, talk about his family like you guys are buddies. STAY AWAY!!! DO NOT USE!!! You cannot trust them. Classic case of over promising and under delivering.

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