We had Natanael and his crew renovate our basement 2 years ago with the goals of adding a bathroom room, enlarging the laundry room and making the space something we'd actually use. We haven't regretted that decision in the least. We got quotes from 3 other contractors. All 3 came into the house, took basic measurements and gave us a quote for the bare minimum (i.e. adding a bathroom and finishing the space). Natanael came in and within 5 minutes had a plan to increase the size of the laundry room, install a bathroom AND increase the usable space all with a smile. It wasn't the cheapest quote, but we immediately felt comfortable that NPC was the choice for us. The main team, Prospero and Alex were there promptly every single day. If they were early they waited in their vehicle until getting the go ahead from us to come in and start. They were cheerful, friendly, worked solidly all day and left the area in a remarkably clean state. At one point, while the rough in was being done, Natanael had his plumber send his camera down into the sewer line as it was better to be safe than have a backup once it was done. A significant problem was found (which we had confirmed via a second opinion). Natanael and his team paused while we had it rectified and picked right up when it was complete, finishing the job in a timely manner. And we couldn't be happier with the result. When we were researching, a common sentiment was that just about any contractor can come in and make it look pretty, but it may not (probably won't) last. After 2 years, our basement looks as good as it did the day they left. I would not hesitate at all to recommend NPC to anyone looking for high quality work.

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Many thanks Jeff for given us the opportunity to meet you and to work with you!
Natanael and NPC team