Have used this company for about 6 years with no issue and liked to help youth so went with this company. You get a different crew each year. Each crew was different each year but similarly good in their window cleaning service. This year the crew showed up and seemed to not really know what they are doing. Also from outset demanded a cash payment and asked for double what the quote was. Then I argued told them that was wrong but then they lowered it but it was still higher from the quote that was given by about $50.00 difference. Because they were young we thought ok maybe it is because it is a pandemic there is extra charge. We had to pay upfront. 2 bad signs. Then they cleaned missed a bunch of windows, didn’t clean the frames as per usual and just left without asking for us to check for any missed before they leave!! So I called the guys cell number from when he called to say he was coming. They came back next day and did what we said but still didn’t go back and clean all frames. Worse still, months later this crew’s manager calls us to say we never paid an etransfer and the payment is still due!!!! Manager was unaware of them charging cash. He apologized so many times and said he wants to make it better. I asked for a free wash next year or discount. He said he can’t do that. I told him he lost us as customers

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Andrew and his team did a fabulous job pruning and trimming our mature backyard trees. This job was long overdue, and we are so glad that we did not wait any longer and emailed Andrew for a quote. Andrew emailed back within the day, and with a few emails we agreed to a date. They arrived on the set date, and worked so hard on a scorching and humid day!! Tree by tree Andrew worked meticulously thinning and pruning, and several hours later, our trees are rejuvenated, airy, and tidy. The cleanup was amazing, and whole yard looks great! Andrew also helped us with some tree health issues regarding a couple of our trees so we are off tomorrow to buy the necessary treatments, and thankful that he took the time to look at what was needed in the yard going forward. Andrew also has a kind demeanour, which we could also see in the way he worked with his young crew of apprentice teens. We are glad we read the reviews on Homestars! We made a good decision to hire Re Leaf and we will be using this company for all arborist work for our property going forward. Thank you, Andrew!

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Company Response

Thank you so much for your feedback and recognizing that I am mentoring my team. They love hearing positive feedback like yours.