The service I received from Organized Outcomes was extremely disappointing. They were prompt at returning my calls and communicating, however the end product was one that was fake and that I could have done myself by just reading a home decor magazine. I basically paid them over $2500 just to have fluffy white towels put out and fake fruit put in a bowl! I would have expected more class and not so many obvious cheesy additions. The furniture rentals were scratched up and out of date - they had obviously been used many times before. I had to have them removed as they didn't go with my current decor. In the end, I had to change everything back to the way it was before - a whole lot of money was wasted! These so called professionals did nothing more than the obvious and used tacky, cheesy accessories in an attempt to make my home more appealing to buyers. Overall, I am extremely disappointed with the money I spent and the value that I received.

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