Shortly after purchasing our new home, my wife and I quickly realized that there were some major water seepage issues with the property. We did extensive search for a reputable waterproofing company, checked with the Better Business Bureau, reviewed all comments from people online, checked history regarding quality of work and the result of our search (by process of elimination) boiled down to two waterproofing companies, one of which was Umbrella Waterproofing. We ended up choosing Umbrella because they had slightly more positive reviews than the other. We were super impressed with their work from the beginning. They quickly answered our call, scheduled a site visit, assessed the situation and discussed the cause of the problem and the most cost effective way to fix it. Vlad and his team showed up always on time as promised and HAND DUG up the perimeter, which was mind blowing as all other waterproofing companies used big machines (which means more damage to the landscape). They saved two trees around the property which would have been heart breaking to lose, did one side at a time and waterproofed the house within 14 days (weather permitting). They returned the property to a very clean state, took away the debris and cleaned up after themselves. We did a "recheck" for water issues a year later and the results showed a now completely dry basement. Everyone at Umbrella were amazing and super helpful in all aspects. I would definitely recommend them.

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