I didn't even realize how bad my old windows were, until Nordik came and replaced them! It is so much quieter AND warmer, not to mention how beautiful they look. My whole experience was top notch. I first met with one of their sales reps (Bre) who took measurements and discussed the different types of windows and price points. I was completely clueless on this so she helped by making some recommendations, including a beautiful design element for the front of the house on my bedroom windows (this is by far my favourite part). She was thoughtful and extremely thorough and I felt like she was making recommendations for her own home and not just a client. Next someone else came out to double check measurements (Bre was spot on, but he said he wasn't surprised as she is one of the best!). I then got a call from Annette to schedule my install with Larry. Annette and I spoke a couple of times as there was a snowstorm that snowed us all in and we needed to reschedule. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the whole process and accommodating. Larry was a real gem! He treated my house as if it was his own and was very careful to contain any mess and as I was working at home, he was very thoughtful to work around me. He cleaned up afterward and answered any questions I had. He did a BEAUTIFUL install that I was absolutely DELIGHTED with. Would I recommend these guys? Absolutely not. I would INSIST you choose Nordik Windows! The whole experience was wonderful. Through each step of the way I felt very well taken care of and respected. THANK YOU SO MUCH NORDIK Team!!

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Hi Steph, Thank you so much for this amazing review! It made our day


****READ THIS BEFORE YOU GET WORK WITH D'Angelo!!**** Let’s start with the basic background. I am a first time home owner and a young female. Earlier this year the home I had just purchased was leaking into my attic and into my spare bedroom. I called a lot of places, but only D’Angelo got back to me. My boss had given them a recommendation so I thought - what could go wrong? The roof cost me 18K - the house is less than 900 sq feet. The front eavestroughs cost me an additional 2K I was quoted with such a high cost due to it being “2-3 days of work”. I was shocked on a Saturday when I stepped out for a couple hours to do some running around, that the roof had been done in this time. As you can see with the front part, it still looked old so I didn’t even know the roof had been done until a conversation with the receptionist at D'Angelo days later - they needed to remove the bin off my lawn had kept blocking them in. After much arguments back and forth, and even an unsuccessful complaint to the BBB (D’Angelo stands behind their work!) - here I am. In the photos you can see, the front part is still rotten (apparently this wasn’t included in my quote, I’d love to understand how I was supposed to decipher the parts of a roof when I am not a roofer. D’Angelo is blaming me for not knowing this and thus standing behind their work). What is absolutely worse is that I have had them out TWICE to fix the eaves and it is no better. I had the work done in the first place due to the water leaking onto my front porch and it being a safety hazard. Well, the second time they came and said the front part that is rotten - this is why it’s still leaking. I brought another roofer in who said they did a terrible job as the water is pooling in this area and thus leaking. Do NOT use these guys. They took advantage of me and I was left with a 20K bill and STILL a nice little ice hazard in the cold months.

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