Used to be affordable and professional, not so much anymore. They've raised their prices a lot over the years. For my recent move they sent 5 movers over even though I did not ask for 5. 5 movers was very inefficient as sometimes movers had nothing to do or were blocked by other movers on the stairwells. As a result of 5 movers, my bill was much higher than I expected, especially with their increased prices over the yeras. If you are going to go with them, make sure you negotiate 2 movers (or 3 at the most if you are moving from house to house). Also, with 5 movers they snuck in a considerable break at Tim Hortons (without notifying me, I only noticed because I was driving too and saw them by fluke). So with 5 movers, you are going to pay for 5 considerble breaks - it's just way better to ask for 2 movers.

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Company Response

Hi " Lax Clarke"!
Unfortunately I was not able to find you with this name on any recent moving jobs and we didn't had any jobs in Brampton recently...
Anyway,I'm so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our company and 0 stars out of 10 explain it.We are an affordable and professional moving company standing behind our work and our rates didn't changed much in the past 3-4 years.If in 2014/2015 our company was charging for 3 movers and truck $125 per hr, today we are at $145 per due to inflation(rent, supplies, minimum wage,I nsurance, WSIB,etc).We do not charge for heavy items, stairs or fuel only 1 hr travel time in GTA.
Maybe there are other reasons that made your bill to be more higher then your last move: amount off stuff, unprepared, not packed properly, bad access, etc.
Despite your advise to other potential customer to get 2 or 3 movers to move a house I totally disagree:every moving job is different and you need to get the appropriate man power to get the job done in a timely manner and without incidents.2 or 3 movers will burn out faster and at the end ,moving cost it'll be the same as paying 5 movers.If you had 5 movers on your job,I don't think they were standing around and ,blockage on the stairs can happen with 3 movers too unless you are lucky to get super slim movers...Sometimes we do send another mover to help finish the job faster, and 99% of the time we don't charge at all or we charge just for labor, not to make profit.Stopping for 10-15 minutes to use a washroom or to buy water or coffee on the way to offload most of the time we deduct it from final bill or if the job goes 10-15 minutes we don't charge for those extra minutes.
And I can go on with other examples but not knowing your real name it's hard to address it....
We wish you best of luck in the future and we are HAPPY that your furniture arrived safely in your new home without any incidents or damages(I assume so ,since you did't mention anything).
Toronto Pro Moving Team