Disappointed with the quality of work, and more disappointed with their customer service. When I pointed out the deficiencies in the repair work, the manager himself started blaming me that I chose a cheaper option, I should have replaced the entire door that was not communicated before installation. Their quote was two times higher than the market price but I still chose them because they installed this door in 2018, and I thought they will fix it seamlessly. They proved me wrong. #poorqualitywork #glenmoredoorservices #badcustomerservice #wrongexpectations #managerblamegame

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Company Response

Repairing a garage door to be as good as new without replacing all the panels after you drove through it is near impossible on a custom built door. There are some minor variations to the thickness of the smart board overlay as discussed. Matching our quote against the cheapest guy you can find on the internet is not “market price”. You asked 5 times during the quoting process for a discount and then proceeded to argue with the installer trying to find a way to chip some money off the job. You complained about scratches and we even sent out another manager from the office to verify the “scratches” that were just dirt that the tech didn’t have a chance to wipe off prior to you complaining. If you had a legitimate complaint then you would pursue a legal avenue for getting the discount you were looking for vs blasting bad reviews on every website you can find. Unfortunately owning a keyboard does not make your opinion a fact.