Found company on Facebook and requested a quote. Once we agreed to the design and dimensions, Branko started I was fully assured that it would look spectacular. He arrived to my house and started installing the base. Right from there I new something was wrong. Rather than filling the base with concrete and putting the first structural base piece down He decides he what would wood from an old cabinet. 3 days later the base has a large crack. Not only is the structure and integrity of all is ruined nothing was straight! He threw it up in three hours because it was still wet and couldn’t see exactly how worthwhile it actually was. The whole thing needs to be ripped out and the done Not willing to redo the job I asked him not to come back to my house because there’s nothing that he would’ve done to rectify the situation I will now have to personally remove the job myself and Pay yet again somebody to do the job properly Do not use this company

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