We wanted to have some basement works done (to close off the basement stairs so we can give full privacy to our friends/relatives when they sleep over for awhile) and for 2-3 months canvassed around, and had about a dozen or so contractors (Chinese, Italian, Russians, Indians etc) from various sources (friends, colleagues etc) visit our townhouse to give us a quote. One after another proved to not fit who we were looking for because of so many reasons - their available timing, rates, ideas and attitudes. Exasperated, I decided to try a different approach by checking out Then I found Roost Revamp (owned by Jonathan) in HomeStars early December 2019. Right from the beginning, we received a very professional, knowledgeable and customer-focused treatment form Jonathan.On his 1st day (Dec 10, 2019), he demonstrated his acute skills, speed and great attitude, and surprised us with the quick progress on just …. Day 1. For the next 10 days, Jonathan was getting our basement done with precision and meticulous efforts. Always full of smiles and a positive attitude. During those times that I would give my inputs on how to progress thru, I was pleasantly surprised with Jonathan’s open-minded (which is a rare trait on tradesmen, I tell you) approach at it…… trademark of a true teamplayer! And his flexibility in work hours is truly appreciated. In fact, there’re times when he worked late into the night, without a single fuss or complaints. Jonathan finished our basement works on Dec 20, 2019 and we were ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!! He EXCEEDED our high expectations! And just to validate his impressive works even more, I invited our Italian real estate agent who is very critical of works done at homes, and I presented Jonathan’s works with 2 thumbs up! He was “very impressed” !In fact he was so impressed that he immediately asked for Jonathan.s number….which was exactly our plans to refer Jonathan. If anyone of you wants a hardworking, collaborative, highly skilled, great attitude and a great value-for-money tradesman who can do wonders to your home reno plans…….. JONATHAN IS YOUR MAN (from Roost Revamp / Roost Reno) !! If you need further convincing, drop me a line at FIRST 3 SHOTS are the BEFORE shots, then the rest are the process and the final outcome – the AFTER shots….. ENJOY !!

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Company Response

Wow Richard, what a great review. That's so positive and uplifting for me to hear! I really appreciate it.

You and your family were so warm and welcoming. It was a great experience and I'm very happy about how pleased you are with the work. Thank you so much