Terrible experience. Terrible customer service. We had a kitchen project to reface cabinets and new granite counter top. One of the cabinet doors was measured incorrectly twice. More importantly the granite counter top was also measured incorrectly. This resulted in there needing to put in an additional seam. Home Depot customer service department failed repeatedly to return calls when they said they would, (im on another line can I call you back after lunch) When they did respond to emails they constantly said that paperwork small print states contractor has the right to determine where seams go. my argument all along was contractor didnt decide it was his error measuring that determined. original plan was for one seam. I also told them the seam was not that good either. not once did home Depot Customer care team think it was necessary to come to my home and inspect the work to determine if there was an issue. The only response was contractor has right to determine where seams go. I will never use Home Depot again.

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