UNETHICAL COMPANY! I would never recommend Empire to anyone. They have absolutely no sense of solving problems all they want to say is no we cannot do this we cannot do that. I have been given a parking spot in the middle of 4 other spots with just lines. When asked about switching they said no. When I suggested installing a camera in case of an accident they said no. Moved in to the unit with bath tub clogged, BRAND NEW dishwasher not working, damaged hardwood floors and cabinets. They also tried to force me to upgrade during the decor. They purposely show you a sink a size of bowl and scare you to upgrade to a $600 sink. I even contacted the CEO, sales Director, VP of sales etc and none of them was able to do anything at all. No compensation no solution nothing. Please stay away and go to other reputable builders out there and save yourself headaches.

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