Extremely bad experience. I bought a swim spa , floor model , and paid $30.000 . After the sell, the owner did not address my concerns , having to call Master Spa to inquire about this swim spa. I found out it was a 2006 model ! I was shocked to find out I bought a spa that old, not being even disclosed to me . When I was almost on the point of going to courts to sue this company and Master spa, I received an offer to settle and accepted this settlement. They offered free maintenance and trainings for 2 years. Today , they came to do the draining to a spa that is full of dust, unable to be suctioned , and refused to offer services when asking to wear a mask and gloves ( provided by myself ). The person in charge with this was very combative, argumentative and used intuitive language. I have never been treated so poorly by any company that offered me services. Most likely, Jacqueline will see a judge . Her staff reflects on the way she does business. If you choose to invest a considerable amount of money in a hot tub/swim spa, I recommend a company that is polite, honest, and helpful, to choose from, instead of the name brand, since most of the hot tubs/swim spas are similar in performance. Empress hot tubs and its owner has been nothing but a disappointment , frustration, and insult to myself. I will not recommend it

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