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Worst experience dealing with Dave. I hired him for finishing my basement and was good at first to deal with. Then as things progressed, he got worse to deal with. He would just pack up and leave in middle of project as other contractors were working on framing etc. He even had the audacity to blame other contractor's proficiency in English for how the job turned out. Funny enough, they did their work correctly and he didn't (details below) He was provided layout, permit details and all items that needed to be done at quotation stage. I had told him from day 1 where stove and dishwasher would go. He later claimed these were extras as they weren't discussed as part of job. He missed putting pot light holes in laundry area and when I asked him he said that pot light wouldn't look good there. He missed putting a hole on top of stairs and claimed I never told him that a light would go there, when I clearly had. He billed me unauthorized extra expenses, billed extras for items that were clearly in the layout and when disputed he threatened to take it to court. I didn't back down as I won't be taken advantage of by an old time. He wouldn't call or discuss when many opportunities were provided. To finish it off, he put the wrong fire alarms which don't meet city code everywhere in the basement and billed me for it. I paid for all the fire alarms which according to permit needed to be with strobe lights, which they aren't. Now city won't pass the permit for the work and alarms need to be redone. He won't give me receipt so that I can go and get the correct alarms and won't come fix them himself either. The most stressful and worst experience I have had with anyone in my life.

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