My ask of Armstrong & Nelson was straight assist me in moving water using eaves troughs on a slope into a city drain. While the initial consult was fine, leaving an impression that they were up to the task, the end result was very shoddy worksmanship from a guy who Armstrong & Nelson claimed to be one of their most capable and tenured guys. Trough segments were jammed together with minimal care, creating aggressively kinked connections, gaping holes at "T" joints and extensive leaking at almost every connection point (see images). Old segments of trough, screws and shards of sharp metal were left behind in the initial install, which would have caused tire damage on a communal laneway had it gone unnoticed. Initial attempts to resolve issues were met by gobs of silicone, unsightly patches that didn't solve leaks, excuses and eventually deflection. The owner of Armstrong and Nelson took no direct effort to resolve this situation, instead choosing to hide behind her employee in the face of photographic evidence and videos that clearly demonstrated the problem. Final attempts to have this crew take ownership during the warranty period have been met with silence. We are now forced to spend more money for someone else to fix their problems.

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Company Response

Hello Steve, we apologize that the work we provided wasn't up to your standard. We suspect that you have initiated numerous review postings for no productive reasons other than maliciousness .
Your review which was lengthy and filled with minutia speaks volumes about you.

They will be challenged as only one review is permitted per invoice per contact person We hope that Homestars view your actions as unreasonable

We have flagged your review for investigation as the actions of a malicious consumer

They serve no purpose other than slander
You have displayed this with your lies and inflations

I have numerous emails some are below that show we visited the site, had discussions with you attempting to resolve the issue and convey to you that this was not a warranty issue but additional corrective work that could be done

Leaking occurs when it rains PERIOD

We tried to do the job in the most cost effective way , however you would not accept that any other way should cost additional dollars

You and your associates do not understand eavestroughing and water pressure if you did you would see that the current volume of water could not be handled without the addition of another downpipe for 50 feet .

We suspect that this has become an internal political issue amongst your neighbors that you are deflecting onto us for your convenience

Your focus on trivia caulking screws and leaks has demonstrated how petty you are

A whole new system would cost $4000.00 but you insisted on only doing a repair and then didn’t like the caulking and leak while it rains although water is coming down anyway

Ben is the owner of the company and I his partner he has a civil engineering back ground doing this type of work for 40 years