Beware! He ran away with my money! Somebody needs to set this guy, Jonathan up for investigation and report him to the police. It looks from all the reviews here that he does the same thing with everyone. Please Don’t believe anything he says or writes on the invoice. He won’t stick to it. I don’t know how many more people he’ll continue to take Advance money from and run away with it, without finishing the job before he’s held accountable. I got his number from Kijiji without reading his reviews; a mistake I’m still regretting. The positive reviews seem fishy anyway since they use same words. He deliberately charges less than the market price and within limits of small claims court. He makes a detailed invoice to convince you that he’s the best for the job but will not stick to it. He asks for advance for “materials“ as it is consistent with all the reviews here and my own experience. Then he makes an appearance for a few hours everyday. He asks to be paid everyday for extra materials that he needs on site, going against the invoice since according to him “things don’t go according to plan in construction business” And then comes the creative excuse. From the other reviews if you see, it was an accident or he hurt his eye. In my case, I asked him to do the extra work (which I didn’t because it’s written on the invoice in his right hand writing for the price agreed) On the last day on which he said he would finish the job (which he obviously wasn’t able to because he was never on site for some reason or another) He came and took all the “material” that I had paid for. Seeing him load all the material on his truck, I asked him what he was doing, he said the material was garbage/crooked and had to be exchanged. Little did I know I was getting fooled by him ready to run away with as much as he could take away with him. As far as I’m concerned, when you take someone’s money, you finish the job or if you can’t finish because of some excuse or another, you return the money. He ran away with all the advance as well as with all the material that was delivered which I had already paid for! Here is a little background about my situation. He has a lot of my money. They were the last of my savings which I’ve been collecting for a few years. I got fooled into paying him so much in advance. Now I don’t have any money left to get the job done by anyone else since my husband is the only earning member of my house. I also have a six-month-old baby and don’t have a job. My cases with the police. I will update my review with anything changes. I’m trying to save others from losing their money. You should see if you can set him up for an investigation. This has to stop Now.

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Company Response

home owners should be available for contractors to review and comment as well .
home owners maybe run in to 1 bad contractor in there life. i have to deal with at least 5 home owners every year that try to be sneaky .
this was a matter of no interest in my schedule nor an understanding of a contractors time frame that was priced . no patience and nothing but accusations even after all material on site same day and halfway complete. none stop delays with material payment also interruptions for extra work that was not scheduled. had to continue with my schedule with client accusing me of whatever the very next day and called the cops the next day . what does that tell you .
still never said anything about not completing but for some reason thats all the client thought no matter how much work got done .
ridiculous. also anyone notice that client is absolutely perfect in her rant .

good day