I have an interesting story about this cleaning company. I moved into a place to join with a roommate who was already living there. I arrived and the place was truly filthy. (I didn’t have the time to check the place out first as I was driving up from the US) I contacted this company After calling about 4 different cleaning service companies & the owner answered & indicated he was busy doing another job and he would call me after.. He called back & we talked for a few minutes as I voiced my concerns & the owner immediately came to the place to check it out (literally within an hour of the call). He noticed what I noticed which was the place needed a deep deep clean. We discussed what I was able to afford and he scheduled me in for the next day. (Most places I called said if I wanted it sooner I would have to pay more). The roommate I had was scheduled to move out in 3 weeks time after his initial visit so I only booked him to clean my room/bathroom and the kitchen & living room area. I had previously scheduled to move in furniture from my storage unit but obviously I wanted my furniture to come into a clean unit. Unfortunately the owner indicated the only time he had available was simultaneously at the same time I scheduled the moving company. I agreed and let the owner know of the situation with the moving company. Fast forward to the day of the clean. The moving company was actually running late and ran over into the time this cleaning company was to come in and deep clean the unit. Thankfully they were able to work around people moving in a couch, bed, tv & tv stand, A dresser & many boxes. Like I said it was filthy so when they first cleaned the carpet they let me know that they wanted to go over the room a second time to make sure it was a thorough clean. They scrubbed the baseboards.. cleaned the fans.. It really looked like a brand new place. I was thankful & the price was very reasonable considering they worked around an entire furniture move in. Ok fast forward weeks later when the roommate I initially had was to move out which is today July 2nd.. Of course the roommates room was horrendous as I expected because of the initial move in. I called up this company again as I really was satisfied with the work they had done previously. The owner remembered who I was and what I needed to be done and came at the end of the shift to examine what he’d be doing and give me a price point. The roommate was not helpful as they refused to pay the price to have it deep cleaned and I was basically liable for the deep cleaning that I wanted done. I relayed that to the owner and we checked out the room and bathroom my previous roommate resided in. When I say it was disgusting! I mean it was really gross. Like they just hibernated in the room without ever cleaning or dusting. The owner then said they really have to spend time and get a detailed clean as I needed steamed carpets and everything. Fast forward to the day of cleaning. The owner showed up with his employee and they went to work and truly did a terrific job getting the place cleaned. I can’t express how grateful I was for this company to be as prompt as they were and squeezing me into the schedule. I must highly recommend this company to anyone that may need a true professional clean. I understand this is a long review & I mean for it to be because that’s how thankful I am.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, DARIUS. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with uS. We count ourselves lucky for customers like you. We look forward to working with you again in the future!