Update to company response: I seemed happy only because I believed you when you said you painted all the trim. I went to apply a touch up, with the can of trim paint you left me, and noticed that the white didnt match any of my other trim. So I purposely went around my home and added a bit of paint to the trim and realized the majority of trim was NOT painted. I had to call you back after you said you were done the job, that 2nd day, and your response was that you thought you might have to come back. You left on the 2nd day saying you were done, not that painting still needed to be done. I called you that evening and voiced my concerns and told you I was not happy with the work and sent you photos of all the areas that were missed. You came back the next day and said you would redo everything. You did NOT. When you leave the majority of the trim with the original paint on it, it was very hard for me to notice that the paint wasnt new. I trusted that you would do the job correctly and I trusted you again when you said it was done. It was only until I had to do a touch-up, is when I noticed you actually didnt paint what you said you did. I can show you all of it. And you tell me if its painted with the new product or not. Of course I offered you new work in the future, which you didnt get called for, by the way. When you tell your client the work is done, they expect it to be. Not find out later that it was not. I was clearly taken advantage of and I expect to be compensated for the work not done. I paid you to paint my house, not just do some of it. Why cant you just be honest? I would appreciate that and so would your other future clients. I received a quote over text for $5,500. Seemed very reasonable and was told the work would take 3-4 days. This was a home I just moved into and there was no furniture. I let the painters in to do there work and I went to work. By day 2 they were saying they'd be finished. I was surprised as I found much of the work lacking in detail. They were supposed to paint the all the walls and trim in the entire house. Very shoddy work and they were satisfied. I walked around and noticed that most of the old blue paint was showing through the walls. It needed another coat. Parts of other walls were barely painted. The trim was hardly done. I can tell that they took their paint brush and just took one stroke over the facing of all the window trims. You can see all the old paint because its a different sheen. They were supposed to paint my staircase for a refresh of the white. Owner told me he brought someone in to paint the staircase. I dont believe it was ever painted. It still looked like the old paint. After they left I noted and took pictures of all the areas that needed attention. They came back to fix up, but they were pretending to actually work. I had two wall murals in the home in separate rooms. They did not want to take it down and so I had to do it myself. They also did not want to paint the walls, which the entire house was the same colour. So I picked up a paint brush and painted both walls my self. I feel I was taken advantage of because Im a widow and I am a female. These two large men (owners) came back to my home to collect their money which I dont think they deserved. I was afraid to try and negotiate and preferred for them to leave quickly. I will NEVER hire this company again. They took my hard-earned money and did a half paint job. I will make sure none of my friends or family ever hire them. The photos show the walls in various areas where the original light blue shows through the new paint. This is the 2nd day they said they were finished. There were numerous other areas that werent even touched. My attic window trims werent touched. I had to go around and point everything out. Even one of their painters said, I wondered why we had so much leftover paint. There were so many paint problems, too many for me to keep track of.

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Company Response

Thank you very much for the review. We are sorry that you feel this way about our work. Although it is very surprising to us as you seemed very pleased. As discussed in person, the project took a shorter amount of time than originally thought as we used 5 painters instead of the 3 that we had planned. After the 2nd day we explained that the paint needed some time to dry and since we came from out of town we would be more than happy to return if issues arose after the drying had completed. You reached out to us and asked us to return for some touch ups which we happuly did. Again you seem very happy with the finished product. I'm assuming when you say murals, you are referring to the 2 walls of paneling. One was an entire wall in the bedroom upstairs which you did not want painted or removed, after the fact when the room was completed you changed your mind and asked If you could use our equipment to paint the panelling yourself (which there was barely enough paint to left over for). The 2nd "mural" was a wall of wood paneling in the basement that you were very clear did not want painted. When we returned for the touch ups you had ripped down the paneling in the basement revealing a very damaged wall. You informed us you may request an estimate to have the wall repaired at a later date. We are shocked at 8 months later you would leave it with a review like this. We even went over and about the job specs when we purchased and installs some trim and quarter round free of charge. We feel we were more than Accommodating and professional. We assumed you felt the same, since you and your husband were kind enough to provide us with a meal at the end of the job. The fact that you asked us if there would be a possibility for employment for your daughter with us in the future also made us feel you are happy with our work. You were even happy enough to have us take a look at your back deck for refinishing as well as exterior painting in the front of your house for a future job after our job was completed. We appreciate that payment was made via e transfer a couple of days after we were finished and you were happy as discussed. To We have numerous reviews with 10 out of 10 ratings of our work. I'm sorry you did not have the same. Take care.