I ordered a moving service from NK movers in July 2020. Overall, I think they did an extremely sloppy service. Personally I am DOUBTFUL of most of the 10/10 reviews! The customer service agent was very polite when getting the deal from me - because they needed business. They artificially quoted low so that they can get you in the loop - by removing some components and adding them during final payment. Please be CAREFUL! On the day of moving, I found the movers very rude. When I suggested them to be careful with their furniture, their response was "I am doing this for 10 years, I know it!". Is this what you expect from a professional moving company??? During the mover, they broke my glass mirror and kept my bed frame in front of my new apartment elevator and left the scene (yes!). Trust me, then I had to disassemble them to take it to my new apartment. The worst part is they were arguing between themselves and I intervened to settle the issue. The whole purpose of going to movers is that you want to give the responsibility and relax. Howver, going to NK movers gave me a nightmare and embarassmen in front of my neighbours. When I complained their poor service to their management, surprisingly, they were callous and did not even apologize for this poor service. Neither they were ready to reduce the cost for such a sloopy service. Rather, they were focussed on the pending amount to be paid. EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE - I WILL NEVER GO HERE IN MY LIFE! God bless the company! (The two stars are because of my empathy, don't mistake it for the service)

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