It was a move from one house to another that is just 5 min away. They assigned 3 movers and one truck after seeing all the photos I sent them. Simply speaking, our move took 18 hours and they left our new place at 3AM. The movers worked from 9AM to 3AM nonstop. They are young crew in their 20s. I felt so bad that I kept offering them food. Trust me, we are just a normal family with normal amount of stuff. The manager walked into our house at 2AM to collect money and when I complained he said it was perfectly normal for them to finish around that time. My two toddlers slept on the floor that day because the bed wasn’t ready for anyone. In the end, the manager unwillingly agreed to charge only until midnight and made me sign on the paper that said we would not create any issues with them in future. Just keep this in mind if you choose to go with smart movers, 1) do not rely on their estimate/quote 2) to them, it is ‘normal’ to take 16hrs+ for a usual move and finish well pass the midnight

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Tim was very accommodating and professional. The handyman Gary was the most friendly guy which made the whole journey smooth and comfortable. He also payed attention to details and completed the job perfectly for us. We ordered touch ups through out the house and we found their quote a little higher than expected but it was worth it. We will definitely hire them again for our next project.

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