Abysmal customer service. Don't ever pick the first place you shop at for anything, especially big purchases. Every step of the process has been like groping around in the dark. Terrible communication, rarely return calls or texts, incredibly unprofessional on every possible level. Promised hydraulic cover lifts, as I said that would be a necessary condition of purchase. She wrote "lift covers included" I clarified that's HYDRAULIC lifts, and she said, yes yes, no problem. Fast forward two weeks later, STILL haven't received the lifts. We told her the ones the tech brought weren't there ones (hydraulic) we agreed upon. Her response is for us to drive 45 minutes each way to their shop and look at all the options, and she would be "willing to apply the price of the manual lifters TOWARDS the lifters that we would like" (and very clearly stated that we wanted in the first place. That is SUCH a slimy move. Whatever you agree upon verbally, be absolutely sure you get that agreement VERBATIM, otherwise it's the bait and switch after you sign. Or better yet, go somewhere where the business owner's word actually means something. Just brutal. It's been like pulling a tooth just to get the most basic level of customer care that anyone would expect from a purchase of this magnitude. We truly wish we could go back in time and just skip this place completely. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, READ REVIEWS. (including the Better Business Bureau). Will update this review is we ever get the lifters we were PROMISED, but at this point I'm not holding my breath.

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