My neighbor and I chose this company because the owner promised he had lumber supplies. Later, with our $500 deposits in his pocket, he denied this promise although both my neighbor and I heard him. Quoting the lumber shortage, which he promised would not be a problem for our fences, he kept delaying the work. Finally, I requested our deposits back because he couldn't do the work or give us at ETA on it. He then told me there was a 25% cancellation fee, which is not on his contract. We settled on a reimbursement of $400, but even then he'd say he'd send it and wouldn't. He called my followups harrassment although I was always calm and polite despite his rude and harsh tone with me, yelling at me during our final phone conversation. He's beyond unprofessional and he's outright dishonest. Avoid these wrong guys.

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Company Response

Hi there, firstly I would like to thank you for choosing the Right Guys and taking the time to share your thoughts on our HomeStars page. We have always held ourselves to the highest standard and make it our goal to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time, it appears that on this occasion our goal was not met. I apologise for the miscommunication regarding lumber supplies, there is a well publicised shortage of lumber right now, and so it made it impossible to complete the job. We do take a deposit with all work we do, as do most companies, and this is to ensure that some costs are covered to secure the work are almost always non refundable. In this case we had made 3 site visits, spent a lot of time and still returned $400 of your $500 deposit, this is not the industry norm - but we felt it was the most appropriate thing to do given the circumstances, I have to disagree with the comment regarding our phone communications, and I apologize if our phone conversations made you feel that way, that is never our intention. If you wish to reach out to us for any further clarification or for anything else, please call me directly and I would be happy to help you out in any way I can. All the best, Birkan