Call them, you will not have regrets. On time, on budget. Work is square which is an accomplishment considering the building is almost 80 years old. Total sq ft 1715. We met with multiple companies, targeting those with overall good reviews in the area (central Ontario). One didn't show up. One wanted to work a cash deal and didn't quote formally, only verbal. One was more interested in his kids hockey practice and said they send a quote the following week. Nothing ever received. Jay Carter Roofing was the fourth company contacted, the first to show up at the door, even in covid times. Quotation was comprehensive, fully complete and professional. Rob could answer almost every question we had. Paying particular attention to the questions of safety. We have a hydro stack and a steep pitch. Either possibly a recipe for an accident. Being 30km from the closest emergency help, safety must be considered. Rob explained all the choices available. Stated timing would be about 4-6 weeks. Confirmed company safety protocols (working at heights training in compliance), WSIB coverage etc. We received the formal quote the next business day (met on the weekend) 9/14/2020. Remember, we were speaking with other companies. This is a big cost. It's really important to do your homework, research the companies. DIG. Each company was given the same opportunity to visit, measure, answer and ask questions and quote. A few days after receiving quote from Jay Carter Roofing, we asked for references. These were received promptly. We didn't want references from multi-million dollar estates on Lake Simcoe, just regular homes. We went to each reference address, knocked on doors, looked at the work from all angles (neighbours must have thought we were casing the homes) haha... One reference from Beaverton took the time, on an early Sunday morning, to talk for the better part of an hour. He had a century+ home and all the hiccups that come with an old home. The materials used on his home were exactly what we wanted to choose. That home owner's personal feedback pushed Jay Carter Roofing ahead of everyone else. He shared his entire experience, costing, timelines etc. The references left us with a real sense of confidence in this roofing contractor. Not a huge company but employs their own people rather than sub-contractors. Wasn't finished vetting the company(ies). They will be in and on our home. There is liability and potential risk. Call me paranoid but Murphy's law often prevails. I dug through the deadbeat contractors listings with the Ontario government and municipal records, searched through historical litigation records, checked BBB, checked credit reports. Found ZERO against Jay Carter Roofing. Jay Carter's record was clean. Called Rob back a day later to let him know we wanted to work with Jay Carter Roofing and asked him to have the materials ordered. We could firm up any other details along the way. We wanted to get on the schedule. Sometimes communications during these odd covid times can be fragmented. We had some difficulty connecting with the office. Likely staff were only in the office intermittently or working remote. I do not know their business model. The communication issue was simply US asking what do you need? Power? Access to the house for bathroom use or warming up? This was expected to be done end of October or early November. Wanted to provide the crew whatever support they needed. Pulled in the driveway 10/23 to find strapping had been started and materials delivered. Rain was expected so next steps would have to wait. Mike explained that he'd do the best he could to make it look good. This is an old stick built building. Nothing is square or level. Yes, safety equipment was being used. Fast forward a few days and pulling in the driveway we find that the roof is almost completely finished. A few details left. Mike clearly explained how he managed to install the boot around the live hydro stack and the woodstove chimney. Tasha and Mike made a great team. The work looks great. Makes the siding look like a shanty haha. That's a project for another time. Work site was so tidy. Even before cleanup was done, I only found one screw on the deck. A couple days later, pulling into the driveway we found Frenchy there to do cleanup. Even better than that, he took the cheque for us back to the office. Every person we dealt with at Jay Carter Roofing was friendly, honest to a fault and has an "I care" attitude. They treated our home and property with care and respect. Not sure what more to say other than the warranty will outlive us. Call or meet with them and do your own homework. Cost $14185 including taxes. On time. On budget. Integrity and good workmanship. Ideal.

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