I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone... We had booked a move from Kamloops to Victoria while in advance. The movers were set to come on the Sunday to have us moved out of our house before the new owners took possession the Tuesday at noon. One week before our move date the driver called and said they were having truck problems so they would have to delay. He said they would now be coming on Monday and assured me everything would be moved out in time still. Then on Sunday they called and said they will have to delay again until Tuesday... the day we had to be out.... After many conversations with the driver and another driver (who was very rude) we were told they would be there Tuesday at 9am to do a 7 hour load... the time we had to hand over the keys was at noon... After many phone calls we were told they would come at 7 am and be done by noon. We did NOT trust them at this point because of A) how many times they had changed our pickup and how we felt like we were getting the short end of the stick with their truck problems and B) just how rude they about the whole situation, We ended up getting our own Uhaul the night before possession and doing the entire move ourselves! It was a NIGHTMARE!!!! These guys are VERY UNRELIABLE!!!! If you need to be out of your house at a certain time pick a different company. They expected us to pay them $6000 for horrible LATE service.

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