After calling the company I was informed (like others) that there was a $149 cost to be applied (sort of like a pre payment) for someone to come out. I expected the $149 to pay for someone to get up on a ladder and inspect the problem area. Instead I got a sales person, who I guess was somewhat helpful explaining the situation, but was obviously interested in selling replacement eaves (which I get). The problem was, that if they knew ahead of time that a repair was not possible/waste of time, I'd rather have been told that. I also learned that their minimum fee for service was 700 dollars, which the 150 would be a part of. Although since this repair "could possibly not last a week" that it was just throwing money away. Unless you know for sure you're getting and can afford new eaves right away, I wouldn't bother calling this company. I may use them still, since they have some of my money, but just be warned about their practices.

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