Vince and another worker, I believe his name was Ollie but I could be wrong came to fix a backup from our main drain. They discovered the pipe was bent and would require a $3200 fix. Ok, done. Afterwards Vince suggested having the pipes flushed eventually for $1700. We planned to do this in a few weeks having just spent $3200 and not being told it needed to be done right this second. Ollie told us twice we could periodically flush the toilet 10-15 times and that would help loosen the blockage and keep things running smoothly in the meantime. So that’s what we did. We kept an eye on the floor drain and had zero issues. 8-9 hours later I gave my toddler a bath - he’s under 2 years so the tub only had about 4 inches of water in it. After getting him out and draining the tub my basement had once again flooded - only worse this time, damaging baseboards, dry wall and seeping into other rooms external to the original point of flooding in the laundry room. I called back to speak with a manager. Vince the technician instead called my husband and suggested flushing the pipes. I called again to have a manager call me. He 3-way called me with Vince on the line and argued that I should know’t have spoken to Ollie and should only have spoken to Vince - keeping in mind Ollie sought out both myself and my husband to give us his sage advice. He then 4-way called Ollie to have his side brought into this chaos. After 40 minutes of talking over me and refusing to acknowledge that while yes, Vince did recommend flushing the pipes, Ollie also recommended the flushing the toilet as a solution which ultimately did not work, I finally hung up. I asked for this manager’s name and his supervisors name - both of which he refused to provide, stating he’s the big guy. I am incredibly unhappy with this service and will be shouting it from the rooftops for any and all to hear.

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