Murphy’s Masonry was hired to repoint some mortar on the exterior of my home, and my chimney. They’ve come back now three times to fix parts they missed and there’s still issues with the job. Based on my experience I do not recommend using this company’s Hamilton location.

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Company Response


I am sad to see you are unhappy with the job done on your home. Not to justify the matter, but to shed some light- your job was our first job of this years season with our new crew member that we had just begun training up (paired with an experienced mason). When the job was initially completed we did came back to fix the mistakes/ fill the joints the new labourer had missed. After that, when you were still dissatisfied, and I took a look + there were some joints that still got missed, I mentioned it to the boys and tried to contact you to have this remedied. Because you felt you had a negative experience- I did give you a 50% discount on the price when we finished the job and I am still more than happy to come back to resolve the issues completely and to your satisfaction. I did reach out to you via text to but have not heard back. I would like to fix this for you to your satisfaction, as we pride ourselves on our reputation.



D’angelo installed my new shingles less than 2 years ago. I’ve had to call them several times now to fix nail pops and lifting shingles. I still have some lifted shingles that they didn’t fix. I’ve contacted them for help with this, and waited weeks for some assistance. No one has helped me. I am very disappointed in the quality of the job I received, their customer service, and workmanship warranty.

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