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Do not go with Polaron Solar. The turn-key solution they promised turned out to be a 2 year nightmare. Poor attention to detail, poor response times, poor quality of work. This was a project that was not standard. I have a metal interlock roof which if things were done properly would have involved both companies. Instead, Polaron insisted their installation method would be fine, and went ahead. Thus, my lifetime roof from Interlock has most likely been compromised. My system did not pass the City of Edmonton electrical inspection, a roof mast was required. It took Polaron over a year to come and install the up to code mast. When they did, they simply ripped the old casing from my house leaving damage down to the framing, and they just left it as is. They said they would compensate me for the emergency repairs I have had done, I'm still waiting to hear back from them. I had to engage with independent exterior contractors to fix the wall damage they left, and to rework the wiring on the roof as it was unacceptable. Polaron workers would show up unannounced to my house. They did not clean up their worksite and I had to clean up their mess on several occasions. The lack of professionalism and care was evident throughout the entire stressful experience. Save yourself the stress and money, avoid Polaron at all cost.

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Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. In response to your review, and wanted to reach out and apologize if you felt that the process did not meet your expectations. We wanted to provide some clarification on the matter, as you said it was not a standard process for this particular project.

With regards to the electrical mast, the primary reason why the mast has to be relocated was Epcor noted to us that (1) the existing service Weatherhead is being the roofline with a round meter base and (2) that the conductors insulation is fraying. While we did conduct an on-site assessment of your property prior to installation, this was unfortunately not captured as an issue as we operated under the assumption that the existing electrical setup met the applicable electrical codes & requirements. The specific issue in question is not related to solar which is where our focus is. In order to make the changes to ensure that the existing deficiency related to the Weatherhead was remedied, we did ask our installation team to make the adjustment at our own costs. Thus helping to bring the home up to code outside of what is part of the solar installation contract. As the repair of the exterior façade was outside the expertise of our installation team and to ensure that the repairs were done to your satisfaction, we felt it would be best if you would find a specialized contractor company. Please reach out through e-mail or homestars regarding the invoices related to this and we can resolve the situation.


Our house was build in the late 60's and was insulated with fiber glass batting. Despite having a newer furnace, my house was very chilly during the winter, especially the North bedroom. Getting quotes for exterior siding solutions put fixing my insulation situation out of reach. Thankfully, I contacted the Insulation police and they provided a plan (and eventual solution) for my home. It was an interior job, so every wall that touched the outside need to be opened up, the insulation pulled, and replaced with blown in cellulose filling. It was a messy job, but Greg and his crew took the time to methodically section off and protect the contents of each room. Dust was everywhere, but was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Care was taken during the project. I felt as if Greg and his crew were treating my home as if it was theirs. I was listened to when I had concerns, and those concerns were directly addressed by Greg to my satisfaction. Post installation of the cellulose in the walls and attic my home is noticeably warmer and noticeably quieter (outside road-noise significantly reduced). I have noticed a significant reduction (seems like half as often) in the time the furnace spends running, and anticipate similar results in the Summer when the AC is required. Superior insulation is almost mandatory in a Northern city like Edmonton as heating costs are only going up. Greg's Insulation Police provided a rock-solid insulation solution at an economically reasonable price point. I would not hesitate to recommend the Insulation Police and Greg's team to other home owners looking to make their houses warm and cozy in the winter and cool during the summer.

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Company Response

You asked me many times . Greg is this really going to work and make me warmer. I kept telling you, that you will not believe the difference when we are done.... Well your review above says it all...
Thank you for being a believer in the Wallbar high density thermal and acoustical insulation product and listening to my advise. We have been making people warmer in the winter and cooler in the Summer for over 25 years.
Enjoy the winter without having to wear sweater in you 1960's home.
Rob. AGAIN We thank you for believing in us

Greg and Crew