This company did an unsafe and unprofessional job and didn't even have the professionalism to review the job once complete (after numerous phone calls). Mark, from the company, came to quote the job which was to install a stair rail with the newel posts, pillars and stair rail supplied buy us. He saw the tools he had to work with and the situation. He confirmed the $650 cost (with $100 upfront payment) and confirmed they would install it so it was safe and professionally done. He even stated he would put his best guy on it. Well, first day came, and they did the first part of the job (first stairs) and it was done horribly. The newel posts weren't stable and not at all level. The pillars were not leveled and turned in different directions making it look very sloppy. The stair rail was not straight - when standing in front of it, you can see it is not lined at all. We voiced our concerns to which point they listened. Mark came the next morning and redone the job. It looked a lot better but still not professional. The second part of the job was finished the following day. What should have been the easiest part of the job they managed to look very unprofessional and made me really look into the quality of their work. First off the newel post is very unstable (making it unsafe). We needed to install a baby gate for our 11 month old daughter who is now walking. When installing the gate, the post is so unstable that the gate will not even close. We are very concerned about her safety with the job that was done. Second, the rail going from the newel post is not level and not in line. Third, the railing on this portion is only attached by a small bracket and two screws. This is not how a professional job should be and not what I would expect from a company that assured me a professional job. With all these concerns, we wanted to talk to Mark first before paying, as he had promised to come by after the work was done to evaluate, which never happened. After 2 weeks we finally received a phone call from Mark's assistant wanting to know if we were satisfied - we discussed all our concerns and he said that Mark would call us. Well we never received a call. We tried calling him ourselves a few times and left messages, but nothing. Then, as a final attempt we sent an email out stating our concerns. We also stated that we would post this review but would liked to avoid doing so. We received a nice standard email back saying they would contact us within 48 hours. It has been a week now and we have received nothing. This company is horrible, delivering a very unsafe and unprofessional job. We were told that we were a little more picky than there other customers. If you are a customer that is looking for a professional job I would be weary. In the end, they didn't collect the rest of the money for the job, but just hoped to walk away and have this issue disappear. Unfortunately, running doesn't work. DO NOT USE THEM!

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hire professional people and follow up with the customer after the job is done.
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Do not hire this company!
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We contacted Bosco to do maintenance on our air conditioning unit (10 years old0 because it was not cooling below a certain point. Bosco came out and looked at the unit a bit and decided that we probably have a leak in our coil. They explained we had 2 options: first one is to have them look for leak (795$), change the coil (1300$), fill up with freon (1300$) so that all would cost us +/- 3000$, option 2 replace the unit: their estimate came to be 3200$. We decided to get other technicians in to have a different opinion (since 3000$ is a lot of money), turns out 2 other independant technicians came out and told us there is no leak at all ( since there is hardly any pressure drop) and the unit just needs to have a new filter, cleaned and we need to change the airflow in the house. We are very unhappy with Bosco since we feel that we were scammed into installing a new unit buy giving us a totally incorrect observation. If we have gone for the other technicians first we would have only lost 80$ for the service call - now we lost 129$ with bosco + 2 times 80$ to confirm Bosco was trying to scam us. Without the extra opinions we would have lost 3000$ to replace a perfectly fine unit. This to us is a scam - don't trust Bosco with your airconditioning unit! UPDATE: After placing this review I was contacted by Bosco to make things right. They offered and send me a cheque to pay back all expenses made (Bosco service call cost + 2 other service call costs). I was very pleased to hear this and I think that this follow up was done in a proper manner. Therefore I upgraded the rating to a 3.

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Company Response

Hi Daisy,

I am sorry you had this frustrating experience. Can you please contact me at your convenience so I can make this right. 905-840-7675 ext 220