Was referred to Blue Mtn by the furnace manufacturer after my 51/2 year old high efficiency furnace/heat pump quit & the installing company was no longer in business. The 1st technician arrived without a low voltage fuse that had blown on the furnace circuit board. He left & returned charging 2 hours labour for a $1 fuse. The fuse blew again after he left. The next morning the 2nd technician arrived also without a fuse, so he completed the circuit with foil paper and diagnosed my circuit board as faulty. Luckily he had a refurbished board in his truck that he'd sell me privately without warranty for $300. (New from Blue Mtn would cost $700) The refurbished board allowed him to diagnose failure of the heat pump compressor, part covered by warranty, but not labour. While waiting for the manufacturer to authorize the new compressor, I contacted the owner of Blue Mountain, Paul, to advise him of his employee scamming him on the furnace circuit board replacement. Also, I showed my old circuit board to an electronics expert who advised he couldn't see anything wrong with it. When the new compressor was installed, somehow the heat pump circuit board had been blown, which was replaced for $565, but not covered by warranty. Everything worked when this was installed, but I asked to have my old circuit board reinstalled and the refurbished board removed. Surprisingly, everything still worked, so my board had not really blown. Conclusion: the 2nd technician was trying to scam me by selling me a furnace circuit board that wasn't blown. The owner continued to support the technician even though he was aware of him trying to scam me and the company with his refurbished board. I have no confidence in the integrity of this company and wonder if the heat pump circuit board i was sold was blown by the foil used to complete the low voltage circuit on the furnace circuit board which was there to protect it. Or, maybe it was not blown at all & I was sold something that wasn't even broken.

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