I ordered my Building in late 2011 because of Future Building's end of year clearance sale. I asked them to not deliver it till spring as I couldn't get it near the shop area what with the snow we had. Once the snow cleared and I had the land for it cleared it became obvious that the building that I had purchased was not going to fit as we had hit some massive and really hard rock ridges that the excavator and hammer could not remove and the site was too close to the house for blasting. I contacted my sales rep, Nick , and explained the problem. He said not to worry he would figure something out and got me a smaller building with similar cost savings as the clearance one I had originally purchased, Thanks again Nick! The building went up great with very few problems, Future Building has really thought these things through, and I have enjoyed it for 8 years now. We had more than double the rated snow/ice load last winter and due to my inability to clear the snow and ice off it my building took a little damage, some cracks in the peak panels. Once I found them I contacted Nick ( who has risen quite a bit in the company since I last dealt with him) and he immediately set about helping me contact the relevant people in his organization to get the assistance I needed to fix the damage. They have been very fair in helping me to get it fixed ASAP( can't till next spring because of site conditions) and Nick himself has gone out of his way personally to help me find documentation I had lost to help out the insurance company with my claim. I can't say enough good about Nick and the Future Building team, they went above and beyond when I first got the building from them and again now that I am having some problems with it, none of them caused by the building itself I might add, just an unusually massive snow and ice load. If I was to ever build another steel building Future Building would be the one and only company I would even think of dealing with, period. They're the best!

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Thank you for the kind words!