We chose the sprinkler company because of their high rating on HomeStars, notwithstanding the fact that they were the most expensive of the 3 quotes we obtained, we believed we were hiring the best company. The installation on April 23rd went well and everything appeared to be working fine until we received a water bill in early June for $936.48. The bill for the same period last year was $237.03. We soon discovered that the water was continually running and by a process of elimination traced the fault to the garage tap where the sprinkler system was attached. We called for service and a representative came. The serviceman, Daniel, was rude, yelling at my wife insisting that the water meter was defective and he kept trying to intimidate my wife into agreeing to that. Despite his claim that the water meter was defective Daniel installed an additional valve between the garage tap and the sprinkler system (see attached photo). This was after he found water in the main valve box in the ground. The valve he installed immediately solved the issue of the running water. We contact Durham Region to check the water meter and they attended that evening. They verified that there were no leaks in the house and then set up a remote reader. After extensive monitoring Durham region was able to confirm that the water meter was working properly and since Daniel installed that additional valve in the garage the water had stopped constantly running. One of the owners of the Sprinkler Company, Alex, came out and inspected the system. He could not find anything wrong. We told Alex that since Daniel had installed the additional valve in June the issue with the running water had stopped. Alex recommended waiting until the system was blown out in the fall to determine if there were any leaks. In October the lines were blown out and the service person could not find anything wrong with the system. At the end of the day the sprinkler company would not acknowledge that there was a fault with their system installation that resulted in a water bill over $900. We regret using the sprinkler company!

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Company Response

Thank you Jim for your feedback. We are sorry for your unsatisfactory experience. The Sprinkler Company takes all complaints very seriously does it’s outmost to resolve any issues. We have tried to reach out to you but have not been successful.

Regarding your excessive water bill issue, received on June 22, 2021, we carried out the following procedures to identify and take care of the problem:
- Your notice was immediately sent to the CEO of our company for consideration.
- Our technician was promptly dispatched to your location on June 24 to check the system. No leaks were found.
- Our technician installed an extra Master Valve to ensure water control however the house water meter kept turning.
- Our technician completely disconnected the sprinkler system from the tap to make sure that no water entered the system at all. The house water meter did not stop turning at this time and this signified an issue with the house water meter. This was brought to your attention in a report on June 25.
- On August 20 our CEO, Alex, met with you at your property and checked the entire system again. No leaks were found.
- A final inspection was performed on October 19 at the time of winterization. When all the water was blown out of the system it would have been absolutely evident if there were any damages in the system. The system was walked over and no leaks were found.

After the numerous inspections, and no more high water bills, it was concluded that there were no faults with the sprinkler system.

As a compensation for your inconveniences, a free system shutdown and a free start-up for the next year was provided. All follow up service calls were conducted free of charge and in the presence of a member of the household. All sprinkler company employees were courteous and understanding.

We greatly care about our reputation and customer satisfaction with our work. Our company has done it’s best to ascertain that your sprinkler system meets the highest standards. Please let us know if you still have any concerns, and we will do our best to address them. Have a great day.