DO NOT HIRE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! The company which goes by Great One Fencing or other company names will take your money and run, come up with multiple excuses for not returning on agreed to dates (ex. weather, scheduling, material, change of scope of work, emergencies) with no intention of returning. He does not answer any calls, doesn't show up when promised, commits to new dates and still does not show. He insisted on 60% deposit upon arrival for 'material', disappeared to get more, and never returned. We are owed a refund and we have reported him to Homestars, BBB & Consumer Affairs.

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Company Response

thanks Sarah please send me details of your job through homestars so we can see what you are talking about.
the things said sounds like my ex-wife lol
all bad reviews are by private user . so I'm Exposed but the home owners that think they deserve more after agreement and hold money hostage until we do the extra free work . this is more common than what is said about me up there .
I've never used homestars for one job and this is why .
the home owners should be exposed to the contractors as it is for home owners.
5 home owners a year that try not paying completion. all that has to be done is communicate. simple .
people react without looking at the why's

I may not remember ,but if you tell me your job send me the invoice I'll be all caught up

hope this helps

Jonathan fencer
416 835 6733