I contacted ASR Engineers based on their great homestars reviews. Unfortunately, my experience was so different and the opposite of the reviews I read online. I called ASR due to some vertical cracks in my basement foundation and some slight dipping in my floors. They were initially very quick to respond and Anwar showed up at the scheduled appointment time at my home. Upon arriving, he immediately criticized elements of my home that he was not there to evaluate, such as the installation job of my laminate flooring. Upon seeing the crack by my basement window, he immediately stated that I should sue the former owners. You can imagine the panic and fear that instilled in me. After telling me that the cracks in my foundation were extreme (whereas the first opinion stated they were quite normal based on the type and age of the foundations), the report I received stated I should spend tens of thousands of dollars to underpin my foundation. It was also filled with missing crucial pieces of information and/or misinformation based on our discussion. Worst of all, after providing me with a terrifying report, he became extremely unavailable to speak to me or answer my questions about the discrepancies in detail. Eventually I just stopped asking questions and got myself a third opinion. The third opinion agreed completely with the first, and the professional was shocked at the advice I had been given by Anwar. The experience overall left me feeling quite anxious and uncomfortable, and ended up delaying my project by several weeks.

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Company Response

Thank you very much for your feedback. Based on our site visit we have noticed remarkable crack pretty much all-around your foundation and two sides of the foundation crack noticed more than 36" long with significant depth

The most crucial item we noted that someone has tried to fix the foundation before hiring a professional but couldn't get any best results.

There is a notable settlement noticed in your property, reflecting on your driveway and the retaining wall. We tried to provide you a permanent solution rather than a temporary one.

Based on our email exchange we have tried to answer all the aspects that you have asked and explained over the phone.

At the end of the day, you are the property owner, we hope you have chosen the best that will be best for your property.

We don't have any negative reviews on any social platform, and we always tried our best to satisfy our clients.

Please take our sincere apologies that we couldn’t fulfill your requirement with our professional service. But still, if you have any further questions or concerns during construction, we will be more than happy to answer them all.

Best of luck !!!