Continual had to reinforce with the contractor what was specified within the contract. Contractor did not want to clear debris and stain my cedar single shed roof; did not want to sand my deck first before staining; did not want to build a cedar deck skirt around my entire deck. Had to insist that it was in the contract and each time caused the job to stop before work continued. Deck repair for some replacement boards was below par - did not replace with one single board and looked like patch work. Finally did not pressure wash a segment of cedar fence before applying the stain.

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Company Response

Nick, We are sorry that you feel unhappy with our service. We are very surprised about your review, that why I shared the timeline photos of your project at the end of my response to re-check it. Your project is finished according to your contract, and with the highest quality. To keep you happy, during the project time we had done way more than what we had on our contract. About the deck repair, according to the agreement we had to replace 2 boards and we had to follow the same pattern as the other boards. So thats what we have done. As the powerwash you mentioned that we have not done it, I don't know how you forgot that we have to wait 3 days after the powerwash done to make sure that the deck and the fences are dried enough before staining.

There is not patch work for your project and everything is done perfectly, I really don't understand what makes you to write this review/.Please contact us if you think anything has done incorrectly there.