We recently purchased a listed Heritage Home complete with all original Arts and Crafts wood paneling (walls and ceiling) and a 110 year old one pipe steam heating system! We decided that we needed to overhaul the existing heating system including the entire distribution system (the existing could not be reused), while keeping all the original Arts and Craft details of the house undisturbed. No easy feat since most of the walls are paneled as is much of the ceiling. We had several contractors come to take a look at the job and after seeing the complexity involved declined to even give us a quote. Finally was put in touch with Jordan form Azul Mechanical, they were up for the challenge (even seemed excited by it!) and worked with us every step of the way to ensure the best quality system was put in place without any damage to the heritage features! This was a large job with over 15 new radiators, an entirely new pex distribution system, heated concrete floors in the basement and a new boiler and hot water heater. An added complexity is that we wanted to reuse a few of the highly decorative steam radiators which Jordan helped us retrofit for the new water system. This was a very complex installation and we couldn't be happier with the comfort and peace of mind we are living with now! Jordan and Katherine are exceptionally skilled communicators and problem solvers. The service and care they brought to the project was one of the best I have received. I would highly recommend them for any installation. I am an architect and would be thrilled to work with them on any professional project I have in the future. Feel free to contact me for any additional information/questions. Zuzanna 416 522 4362.

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