Great to deal with, company responsive to my needs. Had to extend the time needed to use the bin a few times without any issues. They also had a bin available, good communication and overall was cheaper than the others. Good advice on what size bin to rent. 5 star review.

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Company Response

Thank You for using our mini disposal bin service in Toronto. Thanks for this amazing review, it means the world to us. The 1-833-GET-BINS team.


Knowing all my windows needed to be replaced, I procrastinated for 4 years because I was afraid of making a mistake in choosing the proper windows. A friend who is both a real estate agent and builds the occasional infill home recommended Gem. I went to the showroom in Etobicoke and had a long chat with Spiros and his assistant Melissa. They were both quite charming and reassured me that I have come to the right company . I emphasized what I was looking for in terms of the design and showed them my old windows. I was very clear that I didn't want the cheap looking thick framed casement windows but more like my old wood frame with thinner frames and having some architectural design . I had a generous budget ,live in an upscale neighborhood so price wasn't that mush of an issue. I had a quote with another company for the cheaper looking windows.,which would have saved me $2500 just for the front windows but decided to go with GEM upon the recommendation of my friend. ,and replaced the front windows Spiros saw pics of my home on my iPhone and based on that he chose the frame color and again reassured me it would look great. I again emphasized that I was worried and needed some 'hand holding' to pick the color since I was never good at choosing colors. 6-8 weeks later the Windows were installed. My heart sunk. Not only were the casement windows were cheap looking, they did not have the grilles we discussed , were a pink-salmon color , and once installed, i realized there were too many frames and the windows looked way too busy i.e. instead of 6 windows , 4 would have looked much better and likely a bit cheaper I complained and after waiting weeks the manufacturer came to look if the frames indeed were the wrong color. I never heard what was decided but Gem offered to paint the windows, which isn't a great solution since the windows are aluminium clad and it is going to be a pain to paint every 3 years. Well that was 4 weeks ago and never heard from them even after an email. The frames on the inside are the cheap vinyl look, exactly what I did not want . So now every time I am in front of the house I am staring at a pink-hue of cheap looking casement windows in an upscale house. I could have paid $2500 LESS with the other company if I wanted cheap looking windows. For someone in the 'window' business, choosing a color from a paint chip, pics on an iPhone and in a room with fluorescent lights is lazy and wrong .They should know better that colors change with the lighting , even time of day. They should have known better to design 6 windows which look narrow and too busy. I went back to look at my paint chip and it did look much more beige/light taupe than pink. Still haven't heard from GEM since their last email 2 weeks ago telling me the painter would be contacting me My advice: do not use GEM. They sold me the wrong window, the wrong color and even after "admitting" they made a mistake by offering to paint the frames, haven't heard for them I warned them twice since I try to be very fair that I would be posting a negative review after they promised they would try to rectify the issue at least with paint, but even after the warnings, nothing happened. . Save the aggravation of coming home to the wrong windows with the wrong color . Choose a company that will do the bare minimum and visit your house, give good advice, and install what you ordered.

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My elderly parents called Dodds when their garage door stopped working and was stuck in the open position. I suggested they call Dodds based on the Reviews on Homestars. ( I have used Homestars many times and generally have been happy with the recommendations) The service rep did arrive promptly . He was courteous and told them there was some electrical issue with wiring coming from the garage door motor to an outside light and he couldn't fix it. My mother asked him what he can do about it or is there someone else at Dodds who can suggest something. He suggested a new garage door and motor which he estimated would cost $1100 .My parents paid him $130 for the service call ( including HST) and he left without fixing the problem or follow-up. They then called another garage door repairman who diagnosed the problem immediately, and installed a new garage door motor for $380 three days later. Problem solved.

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Company Response

Dodds does 12,000 service calls per annum and has been in business since 1958 so that at least 648,000 clients have used Dodds and as all these thousands of clients can attest to we always make full disclosure when a client books a service call by advising upfront that we have a minimum labour charge of $117 plus HST covering up to 1-1/2 hours of labour, travel time included (This charge applies irrespective of whether the call takes 2 minutes, or twenty minutes or 1-1/2 hours.). Anyone can call Dodds a thousand times in a row and that is exactly what any prospective client will be told so the bill that was presented to MH parents would be exactly in accordance with this original disclosure. i.e. $117+HST=$132.21. We question why MH does not mention this fact in her review?
Our technicians are all professionals who do not get paid any commission so there is absolutely no incentive for them to give a client anything but their best professional opinion every single time. Our technician simply advised them of what he believed to be the best recommended course of action i.e. replace both the door and opener. In the review MH states that another repairman “ installed a new garage door motor” and states “Problem solved” but the jury is still out as to whether this is in fact the best course of action and while this is partly in agreement with our technicians recommendation the client will still have an old garage door that could break down now or at any time in the future. The client had an old and obsolete one piece door with the springs in bad shape and since parts are no longer available for this type of door the Dodds technician recommended replacing both the door and the opener. The other door company simply replaced the opener and in our professional opinion the problem is not solved but is an accident just waiting to happen.