I found One Call Reno simply by searching Marketplace on Facebook. Mark called me the next day to schedule an appointment to go over what I wanted to do. From the first visit, even though I had more to talk to, for some reason I was inclined to give my project to Mark, and thank God I did! The workmanship, the decor suggestions, the professionalism, ALL top notch! I confess I was a bit shocked when I learned that to do 3 bathrooms, one bedroom floor and painting, the whole crew was one guy, Mike. But let me tell you that Mike impressed all of us at home!!! He is accurate, fast, professional and super knowledgeable in everything he does!! For all that, took this one man crew 3 weeks to complete everything, and no flaws to point out. Thank you Mark and Mike for a job well done, and I am sure we will be connecting again soon for my next project! A SUPER BIG THANK YOU! Carlos and Mafalda Guerra

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