Panes windows has an excellent easy to use website ordering system, finished the job before expected and was friendly and helpful when I arrived to pick it up. I recommend this company without reservation.

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Hey Neal, thank you for choosing Panes and taking the time to post a review for us.



The boiler was replaced October 18 2002 - how do I remember? Because there was a Stones concert that day to which all of the crew had tickets. The first delay was because the asbestos removal person had not done his work. They called him p and he came with a utility knife and slashed off a section of the insulation at the end of the hot water pipe. When they started working they wedged open a basement window so that they could get their power cord into the basement. In doing so they cracked the window. When it came time for lunch they all pulled cans of beer out of their bags. there were further delays in the afternoon - they did not check valves on the radiators so that when they lit up the boiler and turned on the pump, oily black water came gushing out of hte attic radiator which had no valve on it. Now they were running through the house with their filthy boots wiping up water with a bed cover they grabbed on the way. At one point in their frustration at not getting the jobn done sooner they were yelling at each other on the front lawn. My wife phoned the sales rep afraid that a fight would break out. The next day I called when our hot water heater stopped working. A technician came over lit the pilot then did some extra checking at my request. the wiring on the pump relay was completely wrong and a joint in the gas line was not sealed properly and was leaking gas. Responses from the company were rude dimissive and evasive. This is not a company that is willing to take responsibility for any of their work. We never fully settled the bill on that job, replaced the window, cleaned up the mess and never wanted to see McKinnon again. However, this year an annual furnace inspection resulted in a 45 day tag because the certified technician determined that the chimney liner was inadequately small - 5" instead of 6" in fact the flue out of the furnace had a reducer on it - and that the chimney liner was sealed by concrete when the building code stipulates that there should be a 10 mm gap between concrete and liner. The response from McKinnon: "Have you had your water heater changed since the furnace was installed? If so, they are last company to work on the gas system so are responsible for hte chimney liner." Do not expect any sense of professional responsibility from this company.

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Company Response

Hi Neal,
I think that it would only be fair to provide an update on what has transpired since November 5, 2012 when you posted this review. As you know, I dealt with this issue personally. We promptly attended to your situation, communicated with TSSA, replaced the chimney liner and you graciously agreed to share 50% of the cost.
I believe that you were treated fairly, with respect and with professionalism.