After a couple of years of having mice and insects come into the basement and the home inspector telling me I needed more insulation in the attic, I reached out to a couple of insulation companies and these guys came highly recommended by the energy rebate technician. I had them come in to increase the blown in insulation in the attic and re-insulate the basement after all the old insulation was removed. I'm happy with the attic even though there was a mess left over in the bedroom I had to clean up after they left. The basement is another story. During the spray foam install, I complained that they were missing areas and I had them redo certain spots. As some materials were wet, I couldn't do a proper quality control inspection and as a home owner, I shouldn't have to inspect a professional companies work while they are on site. Once the job was done, I did look further into it and was not impressed with what I found and the repairs I had to do. A picture is worth a thousand words. I contacted them, one of the managers came over to investigate and told me he was going to bring it up higher. Well weeks later, still no word and no discussions on how this can be fixed. I'm sorry but their promise to exceed my expectation fell way short of the goal line. There is insulation on the walls, I will give them that.

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Morning Andre,
I am sorry to read that you were not satisfied with the level of service you received from Great Northern Insulation. We understand how frustrating this must have been for you. We take customer satisfaction seriously, So, if you don't mind emailing your number/email. We would like to get in touch, so we can resolve this matter for you.
You can email our customer service team at

I appreciate you making us aware of your negative experience. We strive to provide excellent customer service in a timely manner, and I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We're look forward in hearing back from you soon.