I will start off by saying that my experience with Spring Home Heating and Cooling Systems was great from start to finish. I worked with Spring Home in April of 2021. I had started off searching for HVAC companies to replace our A/C, air handler in our roof and thermostat. Before deciding to work with Spring Home, I had contacted five other HVAC companies to get a range of quotes as well as to understand the processes involved for the work we required. Right from the start, Spring Home stood out from the other HVAC companies I contacted. While some took several days (a couple took over a week) to return my call, Spring Home was very responsive and contacted me promptly. The sales representative that contacted me (Sam) was very patient and took the time to explain things to me, including the process to visit and inspect the existing units, educating me on what each units do and key considerations before making a decision, brand comparison, and the billing process if I were to work with them. Sam spent over an hour answering my questions and making sure I was well informed. Sam came to visit and checked out the units and spent time explaining what was currently installed and gave suggestions on what his recommended solution would be. While trying to do my own research, Sam also offered time to answer further questions I had while trying to figure out what was the best setup for my home. Overall, I really appreciated the time and energy spent to make sure I was able to make an informed decision. When it was time to do the work, we had three technicians come and remove the old units and install the new ones. The technicians met with me first to explain what they will work on first. They were very careful when working around the house (it’s a small house with tight squeezes) and laid out protective layers around the areas they were working at. Early on one of the potential challenges that was notified to us was that we may need to cut open our ceiling to have an opening large enough to remove the old and bring up the new unit. We were pleased to learn that the technicians managed to be very careful and was able to utilize the return opening and not have to open up our ceiling. The work took one and a half days work, and during the process I had random questions and requests and the technicians took time to explain to me how the units would work and how our new thermostat controlled each of the units, along with an HRV and rad heating we had in place. When the job was done, I tested out the settings and new thermostat, and thought that there was something not working properly. When I contacted Spring Home, they worked with me to have the technician come back a couple days later to check things out again and to make sure things were properly set up. I was very happy at the responsiveness and they certainly demonstrated that they cared for their customers. Overall, I’m happy I made the decision to work Spring Home and have been enjoying my new A/C during the recent hot weather.

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Company Response

Hello Matt! Thank you so much for your very generous review and for sharing your great experience in working with Spring Home. We always take pride in our work and we focus on our customer's needs to be able to assist with their HVAC concerns as we did with yours. It would really be our pleasure to assist with any other HVAC projects for you, your family and friends in the future. Thank you for your trust!!! Take care and Be safe