Not sure what has happened to LV Flooring. We've dealt with them in the past so felt confident they'd do a good job. They've told us they only have one installer now and this is the job they did!!! Almost immediate after completion, we noticed large gaps (at least 22 identified throughout), some filled and some not, cracks and chips everywhere. We also noticed that the handrail and a picket had been broken in multiple placed and then glued and nailed back together and our wainscoting was trimmed so badly. My humidity is good but the wood was never acclimated so I'm concerned because it says in the literature on the back of their bill that the wood must be acclimated. LV Flooring supplied and installed the wood back in June for which we paid $11,000.00. Both owner, Anton and Cornel came to see the installation and admitted there were problems. The blame was put on the manufacturing of the wood. However, I would think that professional installers would take the time to notice the deep cracks in the wood, the large gaps and chips and swap out the bad boards. Instead, they tried to fill some gaps and left the rest. This is solid, red oak hardwood and, to my knowledge, should not require filler as part of the installation as proper installation should not have large gaps. Although Cornel admitted that there is a big problem, he offered a maximum of $1000 to get it fixed elsewhere but we were told that there are too many problem areas to repair and it is likely that the floor may need to be ripped out and new hardwood installed. LV Flooring has our $11,000.00 and we are left with a big problem. They are now avoiding our calls and emails and refuse to rectify this problem. I'm beyond upset.

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