Requested to install ZLine Range Hood. Didn't have any knowledge on installation and trusted the technician & the company. But was disappointment when the work was done (not done according to me). The range was installed only 25 inches above the electric range while ZLine recommends minimum of 30 inches (which I learned after I ended up calling ZLine to ask for a solution). Due to this, there is a portion of duct that's exposed without the duct cover. The technician refused to install the top mounting bracket that comes with the range hood. I lost the trust and didn't want to argue with the technician. But writing this review to let Customers be cautious. I'm not worried about $180 that I paid but it really hurts that the job in our newly constructed house is not up to satisfaction.

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Company Response

befor I installed the range hood, I drew a template on a cardboard and I pointed you to the fact that the ventilation hole in the wall is too low, and that the power cable is out from the frame.

I explained to you that the rang hood will be lower then the manufacturer recommendation but still in the requirements for electric oven clearance, 20"-24".

I explained to you that ther is no way to go higher with the range hood as it will block the hole in the wall.

after I showed you the hight that the range hood will be placed, you was happy and gave me the ok to go ahead and installed it. and that what I did.

I showed you that you can buy extended duct cover for th from Home depot and from other places as well, and you was very happy about it.

the braket you are talking about that I refuse to put is a decoration part that you porches separatly and it is not part of the range hood and it dosnt come in the range hood packege box. I tald you that I have no idea how to install it.. and I gave you a phone number of a Handyman who can do it for you, and again you was very happy about it.

you forgot to mention that the ventilation hose that comes with the range hood didn't fit to the hole in your wall and I hade to go and buy one for you and come back second time to complete the installation.
that hose cost me 75$.

you forgot to mention that I didn't charge you for the second visit and for the hose.

you also forgot to mention that I installed your dishwasher and had to do modification to the counter top, because your contractor make it lower and your dishwasher didn't fit.

you forgot to mention that I didn't charge you extra for it (75$) and I didn't charge you extra for the water line that I supplied for you ( 25$).

you also forgot to mention that I didn't charge you for the fridge installation (45$) and did it for free for you couse you was winning for all the extra work I had to do.

I gave you the best solution for your shiti situation.

you can keep the 2 star review for your self because it sims you need it more then I am.

I'm not a doctor and I don't know how to cure amnesia and hypocrisy .
good luck