Steve and his crew have been working on our condo (townhouses) roofs, and I've already noticed a huge difference in our home's temperature upstairs. It is now a lot cooler. A lot cooler! I'm talking 6 degrees celcius lower or even more. In previous summer days it has been hot and humid upstairs no matter what AC we put in or how many fans we've had running. After Steve came in and did all that roofing work plus making sure all the proper venting is in place, it's now much more comfortable in our home (with or without the AC), but now when we need the AC, it's working much more effectively. Steve does really great quality work - he cares - and I so appreciate what he's done for us. I'd recommend him to anybody who needs PVC roofing for flat roofs, decks and balconies for a home, building, residential, commerical ... you name it. It's really nice to have this kind of work and quality available, and worth every penny. Thanks to Steve and his crew.

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