We were recommended Rent-A-Son by some friends who used them and had a great experience as well as a former worker who worked there in their earlier days. Sadly ours was not a great experience. Getting in touch with them for an estimate was a trial. They would not respond to emails for weeks. This should have been a red flag. Day of the move, the movers are 40 minutes late, they called one of us, didn't mention they would be late, and said they would call the other person who was on site at the time. They never called. Had we not booked extra time to move out we might have run into a logistical pickle. Upon arrival we learned that the Warehouse gave their truck away to another team, so they have a truck that is too small for our job. They resolved to moving things to the loading area until a replacement truck can arrive. When the other truck arrives the too-small truck almost didn't turn over to get out of the way. Luckily it did and we never had to see that truck again. Hopefully it's not being used for any moves anywhere. They finished loading the truck from 2 sites at 3pm, said they'd get food and then head to the drop-off location. In Toronto traffic at 3:30pm we thought for sure they'd just be an hour or so, as that's what it was for us to drive from one location to the other. They call us at 5pm, they are only leaving Toronto now, as the Office called them to run a side job. Turns out there was another job at Ontario Place who got too small of a truck, and our movers, on our time, had to go to Ontario Place to pickup the excess moving blankets. So now they're leaving Toronto at 5pm during rush hour. Not even sure if they had a chance to eat yet. They logged the one hour or so as a break to try and make sure that we wouldn't get charged for it, but I think in the end we still paid more for the extra time it took for them to travel during rush hour. Our movers arrived after 6pm, get everything unloaded into the house and are done just after 9pm. Only one thing was slightly damaged, a desk made of particle board, which is good! Particle board is weak, and we have a lot of it. The head mover was more upset about the run around the company had been giving us on our moving day than we were, and I get it, he's the one who's getting screwed when they give his truck away and make him 2 hours late to a dropoff site. The movers themselves were great, the office/administration is the real issue.

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