Our kitchen was at its last days, and we desperately needed to update it. We decided on going with Home Depot because of its convenience and price, we figured they would probably be the most trustworthy. Come time to install Home Depot subbed out 2 guys to do the whole renovation. While they worked fast and were tidy there were so many problem upon completion that I instantly regretted the purchase. Cabinets were clearly not hanged properly and you could see the face of the cabinets because the doors did not fully fit. They did not properly attach the sink to the underside of the granite and it eventually collapsed. Trying to get any help from home depot proved to be useless as they kept giving the run around. I learned my lesson, and will never ever trust home depot with anything labour related. I will still purchase goods from them, but will not recommend nor use them my self for any future renovations.

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Easy Access Garage Doors was recommended to me by a friend, so I gave them a call and I was quickly on the line with Chris. He told me he would swing by the next morning and he did. He's a nice and sociable guy who was very easy to get a long with. He told me benefits of each product and recommended what was best, and did not push anything expensive on me. He gave me a great quote, and it was an instant decision for me to go with him. He arrived the day we had agreed on the installation and had everything completed and done in record time. His work was impeccable and you can tell just by looking at it; he even installed my garage door opener for me that I had purchased at the store. I would definitely recommend Easy Access Garage Doors to anybody who ever needs new garage doors, or anything garage door related.

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